Extrasensory Perception – The Key To Clairvoyance

In the world of science, that which is empirical and measurable, things that can be tested to a high degree of repeatability, is the basis from which the scientific perception originates. When you look at the world around you, everything that you see, feel, touch, taste and smell is processed by your brain, allowing you to have the perception of the world that we all have. However, some people have what is called extrasensory perception, and ability to know and understand things that they should not, allowing them to do things that cannot be tested or defined. There is no way of measuring the powers that people have when they are able to use telepathy to read people’s minds, or clairvoyance to talk to the dead, because no scientific instrument has ever been created to measure the powers of the human mind. In this article, we will look at the abilities that many people have that possess what is called extrasensory perception, how these powers are useful, and why you might want to talk to someone that has ESP if you are trying to make a prominent decision in your life.

Examples Of Extrasensory Perception

ESP is a controversial topic that many people consider to be fringe. It is one person’s ability to know information that is derived without the use of the five senses. For instance, you may have seen documentaries on people that are supposed to have these powers, able to read cards that are facing away from them containing certain letters, shapes or symbols. For some reason, they are able to either know what those symbols are, or utilize the sensory perceptions of someone looking at the cards, literally seeing through their eyes. There are many different subcategories of ESP such as retro cognition, precognition, clairvoyance, clairaudience and telepathy. These abilities allow people to perceive that we read minds, speak to the dead, move things with their mind, or look into the future of those that are asking for a reading. Let’s take a look at three of the most controversial aspects of ESP, powers that you may also be able to develop in your own life.

Remote Viewing

Probably the most recognizable form of extrasensory reception that has been studied in the last few decades, it is a system by which people are able to tap their own innate powers of ESP, allowing them to see things that are not there. Individuals are given coordinates, simply a set of numbers that have no empirical meaning whatsoever. Then, using certain protocols that have been developed, they are able to draw pictures, and sometimes experience sensory perceptions that are not in the room, related to the target that they are trying to perceive. The creators of this system of remote viewing were Russell Targ and Hal Puthoff. They were both part of the Stanford research Institute back in the 1970s and recruited natural psychics in order to develop the program. Two of the most notable people that were part of SRI’s remote viewing program were Uri Geller and Ingo Swann, both natural psychics. Uri Geller is known worldwide for his ability to not only bend spoons, but for his many other accomplishments which included being able to shut down electrical equipment with his mind. Ingo Swann was able to remote view the dark side of the Moon, Jupiter, and Venus, the latter of which was confirmed by NASA probes that were sent to the surface of the planet. He was also able to shut down the entire nuclear accelerator in Stanford within minutes of going into an altered state. Today, the remote viewing program which the United States government used for decades is no longer publicly operational, but is a testament to the fact that not only do extra sensory powers exist, but they can also be learned like a skill.

Psychic Mediums

There are many notable psychic mediums that have been known for their ability to converse with those that have crossed over. After being on television for many years, John Edward was able to help thousands of people connect with loved ones that communicated with him, telling him things only the deceased individual would know. It is the sheer volume of individuals that were helped by John Edward that is a testament to the fact that he possessed the ability to converse with people using extrasensory perception. Though the topic of mediumship has been under fire not only by the scientific community, but religious institutions for centuries, it is clear that there is something occurring that allows him to come up with the information that he receives which most of the time is extremely detailed and accurate.


The ability to move things with your mind is called telekinesis and is definitely part of the ESP world. Telekinesis or psychokinesis is simply the ability to affect a physical object with your mind causing it to change or move. In the world of hands-on healing, or distance healing, a similar event is transpiring. The ability to stop a tumor from growing, help people recover from illnesses such as pneumonia where doctors and modern pharmaceutical drugs could not intervene, has shown that these powers do exist. Although there is more evidence to support that hands-on healing is something that is real because of the many documented cases which are considered to be miracles by the medical community, telekinesis on-demand is something that has not been shown to be repeatable under most types of testing, and therefore has the least amount of proof in regard to this extrasensory perception.

Whether you would like to pursue remote viewing, hands-on healing, talking to the dead as a medium, or learning how to move things with your mind, you should know up front that most people are not able to accomplish these spiritual tasks. With the exception of remote viewing, something that the United States government poured hundreds of billions of dollars into over the many decades that it was used, there is no replicable way of teaching people how to move objects, heal people, or converse with the departed. These are very interesting aspects of our reality, which must exist to some degree because of how many people that have experienced these forms of ESP. Despite the fact that science cannot be used to confirm that these powers do exist, the people that have experienced them first-hand would beg to differ on anything other than a positive confirmation in their existence.


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